Clear priorities.

Easy planning.

DoneMyBit is a

free weekly planner

for those who want to turn chaos into calm.
  • donemybit user testimonial
    I never thought planning was my thing, but after giving DoneMyBit a try, it truly "turned my chaos into calm". It is now an essential part of my toolset. Highly recommended!

    Elias B., Business Development Manager
  • donemybit user testimonial
    The easy rescheduling is a game-changer for me. It's a great planner that adapts to my dynamic work. It's essential for my productivity.

    Giulia V., Marketing Assistant
  • donemybit user testimonial
    I wear many hats at work, and DoneMyBit helps me better balance my roles. For me, it's not about planning my days, but rather about optimizing them. I really needed a product like this!

    Miks L., Software Developer

The real challenge of a busy week is to

Stay organised.

DoneMyBit will help you plan your days and week

so you can turn chaos into calm.

Plan & Refine

Our simple interface helps you plan and refine tasks quickly, and reschedule them as your priorities shift.

Clear Priorities

When business is ever-changing, so should be your priorities. A flexible planner makes it easier.

Smart Reminders

Free up your mental capacity by recording tasks that you'd otherwise easily forget.

  • donemybit user testimonial
    DoneMyBit seamlessly integrated into my daily routine. Adding and rescheduling tasks is effortless, and it gives a great overview of what needs to be done today, and this week.

    Mamadou U., Marketing Consultant
  • donemybit user testimonial
    I received great feedback for my newfound organization, and for not forgetting things anymore. Great for staying on top of things. Thank you!

    Emilia M., Front Office Manager
  • donemybit user testimonial
    I just LOVE the simplicity of DoneMyBit. I can now manage my week distraction-free.

    Isla T., Account Manager
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