Clear priorities.

Easy planning.

DoneMyBit is a Daily Planner Tool

for those who wear multiple hats at work.
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The hardest part of wearing many hats is

Time Management.

Planning your day and week

will help you keep focus.

Easy Planning

Our simple interface helps you record tasks quickly, and move them around as you see fit.

Clear Priorities

Highlight your most important, time-critical tasks for the day, so they stand out.

Simple Reminders

Free up your mental capacity by recording tasks that you'd otherwise easily forget.

Why others love DoneMyBit
  • "It's hard to imagine I once worked without this"
  • "Easy to pick up, and very useful right from the start"
  • "I received great feedback for never forgetting anything"
  • "Gives me peace of mind"
  • "I finally feel more in control of my time"
  • "I can now better balance my roles at work"
  • "Love the simplicity"
  • "The more I use it, the better I like it"
DoneMyBit is for

who wear multiple hats at work, and have a hard time managing their time.

Time management is the most important skill if you have multiple roles at work.
DoneMyBit helps you plan and re-plan your days, so you can best utilise your time.

DoneMyBit is free!